Zimbabwe Psychological Association

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Full membership in the Zimbabwe Psychological Association is open to psychologists with at least a Masters in Psychology and are registered with the Allied Health Practitioners Council – a sub-group of the Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe under the Psychological Practices Act of 1971 or to persons eligible for such registration. Associate, student and subscribing memberships are allowed.

ZPA gives psychology an active voice by lobbying and negotiating on behalf of the profession on issues of importance to us. The Association and its members develop, promote and apply psychology for the public good. We enhance the efficiency and usefulness of psychologists by setting high standards of professional education and knowledge. We cover all areas of psychological research and practice.

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Types of members

Fellows: shall be Full Members who have made an outstanding contribution to psychology and are proposed for this honour by Council.

Full Members: shall be persons with at least a Master’s degree in psychology and shall include Fellows and Honorary Members.

Associates Members: shall be persons with a Master’s, Honors or a Bachelors degree with a major in psychology.

Student Members: shall be currently registered students of psychology at the undergraduate level.

Affiliates shall be persons with an interest in or working in the field of psychology or related areas.

Foreign Affiliates: Persons living abroad who are members of an acknowledged foreign psychological association and/or who can provide proof of qualifications in the field of psychology as required by Council.

Exempted Members: are members in good standing for at least five years, who apply after retirement to the Treasurer for exemption from the payment of annual dues and may be granted such status on terms determined by Council.

Members shall be enrolled in the highest class of Membership for which they are eligible.

Annual membership Fees

Membership type Amount
Corporate $50
Full $40
Associate $20
Affiliate $20
Foreign Affiliate $20
Student $5
EMAIL: info@zpazim.org membership@zpazim.org
Banking Details

Bank: Stanbic Bank

Branch: Parklane Branch

Account Name: Zimbabwe Psychological Association

Account Number: 9140000202737